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Join Truth and Consequences for insightful discussions on topics in politics, political science, economics, education, history and more. Help us promote sound conservative principles and engage people to think critically.

We need to go beyond the rhetoric and sensationalism that have overtaken collective consciousness and examine problems with a thoughtful academic approach.

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Truth and Consequences is here to fill the vacuum of thoughtful and rational discussions in politics, and a variety of topics, all with a conservative voice. We are located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and are not affiliated with any political party or organisation.

Many existing conservative outlets like to be hyper-partisan and focus on click-bait headlines, presenting news in a sensationalist and antagonistic light. This often makes conservatives look weak and unable to explain their point of view in an analytical and calm manner. This manner also alienates people who are exploring different perspectives and are trying to find answers and good explanations. In the meantime, the left leaning narrative uses this opening and has hijacked many intellectual and creative spheres.

Therefore, our aim is to present the conservative point of view through thoughtful, calm and intellectual prose and invite our audience to join us in having solid discussions that go beyond rhetoric.

We are not focusing on current events and sensations: our goal is to analyse topics. We are not discussing the latest thing that a politician said: we are discussing particular subjects that have been and will be a matter of a debate for years.

With each of our presentations we provide a list of sources for references and for further reading. Our goal is to present ideas in a professional and interesting form that you can comfortably share with your friends and colleagues. We welcome discussion and opposite points of view.

For us, conservatism is based on the following key principles:

  • Government is not the answer to every issue and it should not control our lives;
  • People are individuals with their own unique sets of characteristics, rather than identified by any one;
  • Government should spend tax dollars carefully and with transparency;
  • We should help the most vulnerable and ensure the government is available to help when people really need it;
  • Innovation, job creation, private enterprise and competition are essential to our society’s success and should be promoted;
  • The developed world should defend democracy, human rights and free market internationally and be alert to violations and corruption;

These principles are also associated with classical liberalism and thinkers such as John Locke, David Hume and John Stuart Mill.
Good discussions are the key.  We neither espouse radical libertarianism nor intrusive political involvement in social issues.
For us, the most important values are individual liberty and the rule of law.

It's Time for Intellectual Political Discussions