Truth and Consequences, founded by Sabrina Zuniga and Denis Tsarev, is a blog that seeks to promote insightful discussions on topics in politics, political science, economics, education, history and more. 

We need to go beyond the rhetoric and the sensationalism that have overtaken collective consciousness and examine problems with a thoughtful approach.

Sabrina Zuniga

I am an entrepreneur and analyst focusing on political and social issues. I have a passion for thoughtful, intelligent discussion and inquiry, along with expansive thinking. I know and love that learning and discovery never stop. When faced with issues of the day, social media memes might be fun, but they will never capture the full story. It is through exploration of interesting topics and conversation with our neighbours, that we learn more and begin to develop conclusions.

Earning a PhD was, for me, a wonderful experience because my main task was discovering and analyzing, and then extrapolating for solid useful application. My study was in higher education where my focus was on student learning. My thesis was a deep dive into the efficacy of a program for students so as to inform college policy and budget.

I live in the middle of the busiest part of a big city, but I grew up in farm country. I have lived overseas as an exchange student, and traveled to other countries for business. I am a life-long learner which flows naturally from my earlier career as an educator.

I have volunteered in my city and my community in many different ways, and I am always helping somewhere. For me, giving back, adding my expertise where I can, is very fulfilling and part of what drives my work in politics.

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Denis Tsarev

I am a political analyst from Toronto, Canada. I studied philosophy and history, and wrote my MA thesis on the topic of freedom as opportunity sets. My areas of interest include political philosophy of classical liberalism and utilitarianism, development of liberal political systems around the world, and international relations.

I have worked on numerous political campaigns on all  levels of government, specializing on strategy, data analysis and communications. I have also been actively involved in non-profit organizations focused on human rights and democracy in Russia and former Soviet republics. The question of how to make liberal, democratic and free market systems function well in states that were subjected to decades of  authoritarianism and planned economy was always of big interest to me.

For me, some of the most important and influential aspects of our daily life include government transparency and accountability, economic freedom, rule of law, freedom of speech, critical thought and education.

With these posts, I work with Sabrina to encourage our readers to form independent and critical positions on a range of issues, whether they decide to agree with our points of view or want to dispute them with good arguments.

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