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Why Canadian Oil and Gas are the Most Responsibly Produced in the World

The constant innovation of our Canadian oil and gas sectors is unprecedented in the world. The resource companies work together, pool their knowledge, conduct research and share their data, new technology and methods. The rapid and profound innovation that results from this is making resource development in Canada safer and cleaner than anywhere else.

Here are some facts:

  • Since 2009 the Oil Sands Vegetation Cooperative has harvested, registered and banked seed from 43 species of trees, shrubs and perennials, to support reclamation efforts for revegetation the land with species characteristic of the boreal forest.
  • The industry continues to develop methods to reduce their footprint through more efficient use of land and duration of industrial footprints. Land reclamation continues to get better and better and restored land happens faster.
  • The share of the boreal forest disturbed by oil sands mining is 0.03%. The size of the boreal forest in Canada is 2,700,000 km2, the land covering oil sands is 142,000 km2, and the active mining footprint is 901 km2.
  • In Alberta alone, approximately 90,000 km2, (or about 24%) of the boreal forest is protected from development. 90,000 km2 is about the size of Portugal or North Carolina.
  • In some areas of oil sands development, the mining and reclamation take previously unusable land and make it flourish for the forest nature and human use.


Oil and gas amount to roughly 65% of energy consumption in Canada and will not be replaced by any other type of energy in the near future. Renewables such as solar and wind power, for instance, generate only about 3% of our energy while at the same time taking over a lot more land per amount of energy produced. By supporting Canadian oil and gas, we are supporting innovative, clean and responsible energy and are minimizing environmental impacts by our energy use.

The world will continue to need oil and gas for the next few decades at least. Let’s make sure it is from Canada where the industry is environmentally responsible and promotes innovation rather than from countries with very poor environment stewardship of their resource sectors.

Keeping Canada oil in the ground is bad for the health of our planet.

Sources and Further Reading

  • Alberta Energy Regulator (AER)
  • Alberta Environment and Parks (AB environment)
  • “Reclaiming Alberta’s oil sands mines” by Bridget Mintz Testa, Earth Magazine, February 2010


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Denis Tsarev for the Toronto Sun, March 11, 2022