Democratic People's Republic of Korea Established

Democratic People’s Republic of Korea established

#OnThisDayInHistory in 1948, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea was established by Moscow’s appointee Kim Il-Sung to the North of the 38th parallel on the Korean Peninsula.

After Korea was liberated from the Japanese by the Allies in August 1945, the country was divided into a Soviet zone in the North and a US zone in the South.

In November 1947, the UN General Assembly called for an election in Korea, so that its people could determine their own country’s future. However, the North, where the Communists with the help of the Soviet Union had already firmly seized political control, refused to participate in the election.

Consequently, a UN-supervised election took place only in the South, which resulted in the adoption of a democratic constitution. The Republic of Korea in the South was proclaimed on August 15, 1948. Although the South experienced periods of authoritarianism and political disturbances throughout its history, it evolved into a successful and prosperous democracy.

North Korea, in contrast, was modeled after the Soviet socialist system which included complete monopoly on power by the Workers’ Party and a socialist economy, under which all production was nationalized and controlled by the state. Up to this day, North Korea remains one of the most tyrannical dictatorships in the world. Not only does the autocratic government have full control over people’s lives and engage in massive human rights violations, but it also gravely mismanages the country’s economy resulting in extreme poverty and famines

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Denis Tsarev for the Toronto Sun, March 11, 2022