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The COVID19 Crisis is the Perfect Time to Invest in and Build Up Canadian Oil & Gas Sectors

The COVID 19 crisis has brought to light just how much we rely on petroleum products and gasoline to keep us safe and healthy. We need these sources to make the products our hospitals and frontline responders use. And we need to know that our hospitals and supply chains will have reliable energy to power the systems and vehicles we need.

This need is very acute. Would you rather we rely on solar and wind power only right now? How would you suggest food and supplies get to all of us for our survival? What would happen if our trucks and trains did not have the fuel they need?

Thankfully, all of these questions are hypothetical because we do have enough fuel for trucks and we do have reliable energy for our hospitals. This is all thanks to our oil and gas industries. In Canada we have some of the best drillers, producers, refiners and distributors.

They are also the best at stewardship of our environment. Anybody who says otherwise is not telling the truth. Canada is the most committed among the nations that have set out to reduce GHG emissions. Canada generates less than 1.5 per cent of global GHG emissions.

The fact is, that solar and wind are nowhere even close to being able to provide a steady, reliable source of energy. Nuclear is a great source of energy if we build enough plants, but can’t power our trucks and trains needed for our supply chains.

Then, there are all the products that are crucial for our healthcare providers and our first responders. This is where oil is tremendously needed now and will continue to be needed in the future. Key components of ventilators are made of plastic, and that is just one of the crucial products made from oil. These are life-saving products that cannot be made from other material and provide the same safety and security in our hospitals and health clinics.

This thought among some smug activists that we can shut down the oil and gas sectors in Canada and survive just fine, is so very wrong. The notion is absurd.

We need these medical supplies and we need to keep our supply chains going. Relying on imports has proven to be a bad idea for numerous reasons starting with quality control and reliable production numbers. Canada is a country full of natural resources. Let’s celebrate this fact and make sure we have the capability to support ourselves.

We know the environment needs good stewardship. We know that pollution has to be stopped as much as possible. Canadian companies are on it and innovating improvements every day. The reclamation of the oil sands area actually makes the previously unusable land, now full of life.

With this COVID19 crisis, now it the time to appreciate how good we have it here in Canada and to acknowledge how much we rely on our oil and gas sectors. Despite the wishful thinking of some, this is not changing anytime in the near future.


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