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On the Importance of Medical Science

As the world deals with a pandemic of, as yet, unknown quantity, let’s take a moment and acknowledge the immense significance of medical science research in our society. Today, scientists are working hard to solve the mystery of this virus and find a prevention and a cure.

Our medical science researchers work long hours in quiet contemplation surrounded by their few lab colleagues. They collaborate across discipline borders and country borders. And, when discoveries are made, they share with the rest of their research community so that others may learn and keep going to add more discovery.

With this pandemic, a fear is rising among a few people that this will be used as a pretext for increase of government powers and budgets and some are reacting with increased suspicion of any new government run programs or funding of new projects.

However, let it be clear that maintaining government support for medical science research and innovation, and sustaining an efficient and capable system that can deal with pandemics like the current one, is a priority for our society, regardless of the political spectrum. This is an area of government that should never be politicized.

Supporting medical science research is an obligation of the taxpayers. Discoveries benefit all of society and keep us all healthier and safer.

The question is not whether all spending is good or all spending is bad. It is a question of making sure that spending occurs responsibly and where it matters. And medical science is one of these spheres that certainly matter.

Do you agree?

Join with us and make sure the discussion supports what our scientists are capable of achieving.

The quest for knowledge never stops and thank goodness for that.

Bravo scientists!


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