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Be wary of Russian misinformation

March, 2022, Denis Tsarev in The Toronto Sun

Due to its ideological stance, the Soviet Union supported primarily left-wing organizations in the West, ranging from radical and violent Marxist groups to moderate and established social democratic movements. The Russia of President Valdimir Putin, however, has gone further — in addition to using the left, the traditional mouthpiece of the Kremlin, to a similar if not even a greater extent it has now been also trying to use groups on the populist right to amplify its message and destabilize our society. Click for the full article

Russia’s transformation should be ensure once Putin’s regime falls

March 2022, Denis Tsarev in iPolitics

After President Vladimir Putin’s soon to be expected demise, the international community should not make the mistake of letting his circle go unpunished and retain any positions of influence in the country. To prevent Russia from relapsing into another aggressive dictatorship, the country should be thoroughly reformed. Despite the invasion of Georgia, the annexation of Crimea, the human rights violations against his own people and the persecution of political opponents, for years the West still attempted to treat Putin as a legitimate leader and conducted business as usual with him.

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To hit Russia effectively, Canada should stop buying its oil

February 2022, Denis Tsarev in The Toronto Sun

For those who remember the history of the collapse of the USSR, one of the key factors behind its demise was the fact that in the late 1980s the price of oil went sharply downhill, which had irreparable effects on the Soviet economy. Without getting a return on its oil exports, the USSR was simply unable to finance its industries, and importantly, its military that was at the time fighting in Afghanistan.. Click for the full article

October 2020, Denis Tsarev in The National Post

While there are certainly legitimate grounds to be concerned about populism on the right side of the political spectrum, it also exists on the left and can present a serious danger from that angle, too. Because left-wing populism is often downplayed and neglected, it has quietly made its way into the mainstream, rarely being identified and duly called out. Even more alarming, populism has crept into and seems to have taken a hold of our federal government policy in Canada. Click for the full article

September 2020, Denis Tsarev in The National Post

With the war on statues being fought in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom, it is tempting to draw an analogy with how statues were torn down in authoritarian countries like the Soviet Union and Iraq, as some in the media have been doing. This analogy, however, is wrong. Comparing Macdonald, Churchill and Jefferson to dictators like Hussein and Lenin, who, through repression and deceit, took away their citizens’ rights and committed rampant violence, is completely unwarranted. Click for the full article

July 2020, Sabrina Zuniga in the Toronto Sun

Student empowerment is all about helping students find a path through the turmoil of adolescence and encouraging them to volunteer where they want to. WE is a show and all about getting our students to raise money for WE organizations.
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July 2020, Denis Tsarev in The National Newswatch

The rising divisions between the political left and right and the polarization in the West, Russia sees as an opportunity to help bring to power a government that would implement policies beneficial to Russia. Conservatives should not fall for this. Russian propaganda sources might sometimes be factually correct in exposing problems with the left in the West, but they have a specific agenda that has the interest of Russian corrupt officials at its core and is inherently hostile and harmful to our countries.
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July 2020, Denis Tsarev and Sabrina Zuniga in The National Newswatch

To recover from the current economic shutdown, we need to stop hoping that government will magically create more jobs and establish new successful businesses. The most helpful policy the government can implement is to create conditions where businesses can flourish, thrive, and innovate. The factors that affect the changes in the market for businesses are numerous and depend on a vast array and combinations of contingent circumstances that are impossible for anyone to foresee or predict, no matter how hard they try. 
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May 2020, Denis Tsarev and Sabrina Zuniga in The National Newswatch

Recent discussions have rightly exposed the dangers of conspiracy theories and foreign misinformation in undermining our society’s trust in science and in important government policies. However, what has been little discussed is that the successes of such conspiracy theories and the amplified skepticism they sow are in part due to the fertile soil they fall upon. For the past two decades, the concept of science has been continuously and indiscriminately employed by a range of activist groups to justify various political and ideological causes.
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March 2019, Sabrina Zuniga in the Post Millennial

Is a perfect class size the magic to student learning? The unions want you to think so. Schools should be all about student learning. Everything that happens in the school, and everyone associated with a school should be part of increasing student learning. So why do we spend so much time discussing class sizes like this is the main factor that is going to magically change student learning?
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August 2018, Sabrina Zuniga in the Toronto Sun

When you need something from the city, do you go through the process of calling 311? Do you go to city hall to submit a form? Or do you contact your local councillor? Why do these kinds of actions need a city councillor to make them happen? The job of the city councillor should be researching and creating policy and procedures and setting future direction for the city and your neighbourhood. Click to read more.