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Thanks to capitalism, the shelves in stores are still full with food and supplies

It is amazing that in this difficult time of unprecedented lockdown measures, when our economy is under threat, we still have access to what we need to survive. We have abundant supplies of food, material necessities, and even entertainment weeks into the lockdown. And, we feel confident this supply of necessities will continue as long as the lockdown continues.

This highlights how important our private business sector is, and how important the free market capitalist economy is that makes private business ownership possible. Business owners, whether they own our grocery stores, operate logistics and transportation companies, run factories and manufacturing, or grow our food, are not only providing us with a stable and abundant flow of supplies, but are also employing and providing jobs to millions of people in our country.

Anybody who’s had life experience in a socialist economy, be it in Venezuela, Cuba or the Soviet Union, for example, where the government took businesses away from private individuals to run the entire economy by bureaucrats, will tell you that even under normal circumstances, average people had to stand in long lines for hours and fight for such basic necessities as bread, fruits or eggs. In times of economic stability, not to mention crises like a pandemic, most citizens in those places had to worry every day about what they will find in the store tomorrow, if anything at all.

Thank you to all the owners of businesses large and small, who are working with their crew making contingency plans and then new plans, adapting and adjusting, doing what they can to stay afloat during this pandemic time so our entire economy will benefit in the long term.

Government and the public sector also have their place and the relief programs are very important, but it is through the determination of the private sector and all of us working together, that we will recover.


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Denis Tsarev for the Toronto Sun, March 11, 2022