Ontario School Disrepair Sabrina Zuniga and Denis Tsarev for Truth and Consequences

If the teachers’ unions in Ontario are focused on our students, how about repairing our schools first?

The teachers’ unions in Ontario claim they are opposing alleged cuts to education that they say hurt our kids. In reality, the teachers’ unions are striking to increase their own pay. They are asking for $1.5 billion more to go directly to salaries and benefits. The average teacher already makes $92K per year plus really good benefits. This is what the strikes are about, not about helping students.

If the unions are focused on our students, how about repairing our schools first? The state of many of our schools is horrible and a health and safety concern for parents. Yet, when the Liberals were in office from 2003 to 2018 the Ontario school repair backlog rose from $5.6 billion to over $16 billion. The teachers’ unions, however, kept demanding and accepting salary increases.

In decades past unions fought for the health and safety of the workers, yet today they strike for more pay while our children suffer.

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