Truth and Consequences James Madison

Keeping Balance in Times of Crisis

In a time of crisis such as we are experiencing now, it is crucial for governments to develop a clear balance between liberty and power. In many countries decisive action has been taken by governments to protect citizens from contracting

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Medical Research Sabrina Zuniga Truth and Consequences

On the Importance of Medical Science

As the world deals with a pandemic of, as yet, unknown quantity, let’s take a moment and acknowledge the immense significance of medical science research in our society. Today, scientists are working hard to solve the mystery of this virus

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Mary Wollstonecraft born in 1759

Mary Wollstonecraft Born in 1759

On this day in 1759, a prominent thinker of the Enlightenment period, Mary Wollstonecraft, was born. She was a committed advocate of democracy, limited government, individual liberties and meritocracy in the face of the reaction of the European monarchies against

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Be wary of Russian misinformation

Denis Tsarev for the Toronto Sun, March 11, 2022