Margaret Thatcher on the Rule of Law (Truth and Consequences)

Margaret Thatcher on the Importance of the Rule of Law

Respecting and abiding by the rule of law is what keeps us truly free. Freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, and the right to protest are essential cornerstones of a democratic society. However, it’s equally important that there are legal

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Socialism vs Communism vs Capitalism vs Social Democracy by Denis Tsarev and Sabrina Zuniga for Truth and Consequences

Do people really want socialism?

Those who promote socialism usually entertain a number of misconceptions about what socialism, capitalism and social democracy are. Let us start with the definition. Socialism is an economic, and consequently a political system in which the state or the “public” own

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Immanuel Kant born in 1724

On This Day In 1724: Immanuel Kant Born

On this day in 1724, Immanuel Kant, one of the most influential European philosophers was born. In addition to his complex and innovative theories in epistemology and ethics, that are still heatedly debated up to this day, he was a

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Panama Canal was opened to traffic in 1914

Panama Canal was opened to traffic in 1914

#OnThisDayInHistory in 1914, the Panama Canal was opened to traffic. The construction was an engineering marvel of the time. It was also a political marvel that created an independent Panama and gave sovereignty to the US for the zone around the

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Be wary of Russian misinformation

Denis Tsarev for the Toronto Sun, March 11, 2022