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Keeping Balance in Times of Crisis

March 2020, by Denis Tsarev and Sabrina Zuniga

In many countries decisive action has been taken by governments to protect citizens from contracting the disease and protect the healthcare system everybody needs.

However, in some countries we see governments abusing or trying to abuse their powers, covering up facts and unreasonably extending the scope of their authority.

In other places we see indecisive and feeble governments that have not taken serious and timely measures.

And sadly, we also see a few individuals abusing their liberties by violating the quarantine, holding mass gatherings, and neglecting safety measures, thus exposing others to great risks and aggravating the crisis.

I have seen, especially in online discussions, some people taking extreme positions of either supporting unreasonable extensions of government powers, or condemning any government emergency measures altogether.

However, in a time of crisis, I believe it is most important to keep the balance between the two extremes, and to make sure that we neither give up unnecessarily our liberties and rights to the government, nor disobey the rule of law and emergency procedures, endangering our society to great perils.

We can get through this by working together and being alert to unreasonable exercises of both individual liberties and government powers. Now is the time to stay vigilant.


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