What is the best way to ensure freedom of speech in Canada?

Read exclusive responses to T&C from Conservative Party of Canada Leadership Candidates

On August 21, 2020 the membership of the Conservative Party of Canada will vote one of these four candidates as the next leader of the party. This is important even for those who are not Conservative members because if the Conservative Party wins in the next general election, the winner of this leadership race will become Canada’s next Prime Minister.

We sent each candidate the following question:

In this unique time of a novel coronavirus and economic challenge, there is increased concern of fake news and damaging information, and at the same time, of the rise of censorship.

Here at Truth and Consequences, we firmly believe in the tenets of freedom of speech, and we also understand the unacceptability of hate speech and harmful misinformation. Our goal is to keep a good balance through thoughtful discussions in a critical and academic manner.

Our audience would like to know your thoughts on this issue and learn more about what you stand for in this leadership race.

Please answer this question:

In your opinion, what is the best way to ensure freedom of speech in Canada?

Click on each candidate to read their full, unedited response.


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