Panama Canal was opened to traffic in 1914

Panama Canal was opened to traffic in 1914

August 14, 2020 by Sabrina Zuniga

#OnThisDayInHistory in 1914, the Panama Canal was opened to traffic. The construction was an engineering marvel of the time. It was also a political marvel that created an independent Panama and gave sovereignty to the US for the zone around the canal. Through a treaty signed in 1977, the entire area was peacefully turned over to Panama at midnight Dec 31, 1999.

The canal continues to be a major transportation hub today between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, where previously the only route was the bottom of South America.

Everything passes through the canal, even Canadian oil going from western Canada to eastern Canada because the Liberal government will not build pipelines that would connect Canada faster and more efficiently.

Today Panama City has developed into a multicultural metropolis and a world class travel destination. The history of the country is very rich and worth a visit.


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