Many people view involvement of Western countries on the international arena as inherently “oppressive” and “imperialist”. However, history has shown often Western involvement globally had a big role in protecting and promoting human rights and individual freedoms. Click to Watch.

How is it more shameful to use a plastic straw than to drop cigarette butts in our parks, our streets, and our water? These butts are full of serious toxins and microplastics that pollute our environment. Click to Watch.

History has shown that whenever Western allies turned inwards and ignored international problems, aggressive and extremist entities became unbridled and caused wide scale global crises that cost a lot of money and many lives. Click to Watch.

Are our public schools going too far in trying to fix society’s problems instead of focusing on their core goal of literacy and numeracy? Click to Watch.

History has shown that whenever politicians are making unrealistic and utopian promises, it never ends well for the country. Click to Watch.

An argument against siloing these subjects as inherently different and unrelated to each other. Click to Watch.

Let’s cheer on and support the aboriginal communities and businesses who embrace economic development and bring their people out of poverty. Click to Watch.

Why Western liberal values such as personal liberty, limits to government authority, free markets, human rights, property rights, freedom of association, respect for humans as individuals, are all universal principles that benefit all of humanity. Click to Watch.

The Liberal Party of Canada under the recently re-elected Justin Trudeau claims to be promoting feminism, but is this really true? Click to Watch.

I don’t believe having angry conversations is the best way to develop good ideas or good policies. So why is politics always so angry? We need politicians who inspire and motivate us with positivity. Watch this video for my full explanation and see what you think. Click to Watch.

The term socialism is used a lot these days, but often without much understanding of what it means. Many think it would be a utopia if we lived under a socialist system. However, its economic principles necessarily trigger a tyrannical political system. Click to Watch.

Some conservatives believe that populist policies benefit people. Is this true? Let us define what populism really is, and look at some examples of most prominent conservative politicians: were they populist? Click to Watch.

Although there are quite a few good zoos, especially in the developed countries that take care of animals well and run conservation programs, there are too many zoos around the world that amount to nothing more than animal abuse. Click to Watch.

The goal of schools should be student learning. In the discussions in Ontario about how to improve student learning, why do we hear so much about the need for smaller classes from the teachers’ unions? Click to Watch.

Does higher education benefit the society or the individual? Should it be treated as a consumer good or as something that improves our economy and the society as a whole? Click to Watch.

Labour unions have served an important role during the past 200 years and secured many essential rights and benefits for the workers. However, towards the end of the 20th century, the workforce began to change dramatically while labour union laws did not. Click to Watch.

Let’s have a discussion and explore the truth and consequences of real issues we are facing today. Let’s go beyond the rhetoric and sensationalism that has overtaken collective consciousness. Click to Watch.

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