In Support of Strong Foreign Policy. Part I: The Pragmatic Argument

Isolationism is popular on both sides of the political spectrum. On the left, its proponents believe that any international involvement of Western countries abroad is inherently immoral and oppressive (the ethical argument), whilst on the right, isolationists believe that it’s always wasteful and costs too much taxpayers’ money (the pragmatic argument).

In this first video let’s counter the pragmatic argument. For its own benefit and security, the Western democratic world should robustly defend peace, the rule of law, and humanist values internationally, and decisively prevent and cut short violence, corruption and extremism perpetrated by radical regimes and organisations.

History has shown that whenever Western allies turned inwards and ignored international problems, aggressive and extremist entities became unbridled and caused wide scale global crises that cost more money and lives, than had their actions been deterred at earlier stages by decisive measures.

Watch Part II: the Ethical Argument.

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